it been a long while but made some new accessories for my first sybarite ooak doll ” harajuku envy”

the new ones is the silver green mesh purse and the neon strap white shoes


i photograph it with the the rest of accessories i done as this will all go to same person who will own “harajuku envy” fugu chan





panku kuro means punk black

this are sample shoes

sorry it been a while i been making sure all the accessories are  coming out correctly

this is the accessories , they are in a rack , but there still a few more being made as i like options for dolls

coming soon is the wig and dress

and maybe something more 🙂


if you notice in the bottom of the shoe sole there a sakura shape flower




panku orenji

it called
royal heart


I wanted to make something simple yet fashionable.
My inspiration for the color royal blue and gold came from looking at renaissance time ,as for the heart it represents love and you know there a little twist of harajuku .The heart has beautiful carving


edition of 2

the neckless can change styles when u moved it around

it was meant to due that



for a while now i been having an idea as i have not seen sybarite fugu  (doku and katana molds around)

i heard from other people and collectors she not as popular

i see a lot of potential on her and some collectors love her

i like the collection of the “monoglam collection”  by superfrock

i was asking my self where is fugu in this collection?

but i had an idea one of the dolls was venus as velvet and i was thinking

why not used doku as my own ooak velvet as i wish she appear in this collection

well my idea was to name fugu “sakura “( for cherry blossom )

and then i came with the idea

sakura as Berubetto  (ベルベット Berubetto is velvet in Japanese)

so here my sketch i started with an a drawing in newsprint paper

and then i made a copy and color it a bit to see my vision

and it work

now step 2 of my plan is to get a katana and repaint her and

buy velvet fashion so fugu can wear it

i am an artist of many talents i just sometimes keep it a secret

email me at if you have any questions

i couple days i got i received sybarite yves from the war and peace set

this doll is made of french resin and is very interesting she was made in 2008

and here my concept sketch and here the pic of her face

the sketch was made a couple days ago