for a while now i been having an idea as i have not seen sybarite fugu  (doku and katana molds around)

i heard from other people and collectors she not as popular

i see a lot of potential on her and some collectors love her

i like the collection of the “monoglam collection”  by superfrock

i was asking my self where is fugu in this collection?

but i had an idea one of the dolls was venus as velvet and i was thinking

why not used doku as my own ooak velvet as i wish she appear in this collection

well my idea was to name fugu “sakura “( for cherry blossom )

and then i came with the idea

sakura as Berubetto  (ベルベット Berubetto is velvet in Japanese)

so here my sketch i started with an a drawing in newsprint paper

and then i made a copy and color it a bit to see my vision

and it work

now step 2 of my plan is to get a katana and repaint her and

buy velvet fashion so fugu can wear it

i am an artist of many talents i just sometimes keep it a secret

email me at if you have any questions